Peregrine Mission One

This mission team controlled Astrobotic's Peregrine spacecraft, the first US commercial lunar lander to ever operate in space.

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The Moon

Why The Moon Matters

Humanity is headed back to the Moon. And this time, to stay. Astrobotic is pioneering a new era of thriving human presence beyond Earth.

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Lander on the moon

All Aboard!

Whether you’re looking to send science instruments, new technology demonstrations, rovers, satellites, or simply a piece of history in our MoonBox capsules – we’re in the business of getting you to space. Interested? Mission Control wants to talk to you.

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Moon Background
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Meet Peregrine

Our Peregrine spacecraft is the first US commercial lunar lander to operate in space. Peregrine carried a diverse suite of scientific instruments, technologies, mementos, and other payloads from seven different countries, dozens of science teams, and hundreds of individuals.

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Meet Griffin

Our Griffin lander is delivering NASA's water-hunting rover VIPER to the Moon in 2023. It has five times the carrying capacity of Peregrine and can accommodate larger payloads like rovers the size of a compact car. Check out Griffin's specs and contact us to discuss your mission needs at [email protected].

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Meet Cuberover

CubeRovers are lightweight, compact, affordable lunar vehicles with standardized sizes to best fit the instruments and experiments you want to drive on the Moon. Need wheels for your space tech? Check out our CubeRover user’s guide and send us a note at [email protected].

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