16 Years, 11 Contracts, 1 Customizable CubeRover®

You can achieve your mission goals using the CubeRover® system, engineered to seamlessly power and mobilize your payload multiple kilometers across the Moon.

Our Experience Means Your Success

Backed by $20+ million NASA contracts and decades of experience, you don’t just get a rover. You get a well-engineered system that was vetted, tested, demolished, improved, and tested again — until we got it right.

CubeRover Testing

Raise Your Expectations

Because Astrobotic engineered CubeRover alongside our own payloads and lunar landers, we’ve solved integration challenges so you won’t encounter any unexpected costs or roadblocks. A trip to the Moon and all the services you need are included in a $4.5M per kilogram of payload price. Essentially, CubeRover comes with everything except your payload.

Your Payload, Our Focus

Our customer service is unmatched, giving you more time to focus on your payload. CubeRover is modular, so our engineering experts can optimize each rover for your specific mission needs. Customization includes: rover and wheel materials, power source and type, payload volume, software and communications, thermal control systems, and more.

Our Engineers Become Your Engineers

Our team is with you for your entire mission — from early analysis, testing, and reviews, through integration, launch, and lunar surface operations. We also offer a CubeRover engineering unit and a dedicated space for you to work onsite at the Astrobotic Mission Control Center. A flight-qualified CubeRover can be ready as soon as 15 months after the date you place an order. They come in multiple sizes with the ability to accommodate standard and nonstandard configurations. Popular sizes include the 2U, 4U, and 6U.

Ultra lightweight & affordable - so your payload goes further (literally)

CubeRover was the first commercial rover to be backed by NASA Tipping Point program and is optimized to be lighter than any other existing rover. This ultimately means the mission will be more affordable to you. It is capable of communicating long-range and traveling multiple kilometers across the lunar surface. Custom mapping and visualization software tools allow payload teams to plan and monitor maneuvers.

Interested in surviving the lunar night or other custom missions?

To learn more about all our capabilities, including our wireless charging system that can survive the lunar night, contact us at [email protected] or click on “Plan Your Mission” below to tell us about your payload. You can also learn more by downloading our CubeRover User’s Guide.