Update #21 for Peregrine Mission One

Peregrine has been operating in space for 10 days and 8 hours and is approximately 30,000 miles above Earth, continuing its controlled re-entry. The trajectory remains on track with our planned path toward a safe area over open water in the South Pacific. The vehicle is stable, operational, and responsive. We remain in contact with appropriate government authorities to keep them informed of the vehicle’s position and planned trajectory, which remains unchanged.  
The stunning image here of Earth from Peregrine was taken by the mission team this morning. The first attempt to take this photo yielded an oversaturated image, with the Sun making the image too bright to see the Earth. As a result, the team precisely slewed the spacecraft to reposition the Sun to be hidden behind the thin payload deck strut just to the left of Earth, which produced the starburst effects on the vehicle and revealed the Earth’s crescent. This image is completely unaltered.  
We dedicate this image to our customers, partners, and team who all stood with us throughout Peregrine Mission One.