That’s One Small Step for SuperBid, One Giant Leap for Crypto

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 7, 2021 – SuperBid joins Astrobotic’s manifest to land the first cryptocurrency, SuperBid, on the Moon’s surface aboard Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander in 2022. On SuperBid’s Moon Mission, tokens will be sent in a special cold storage ledger encapsulated in a fully space qualified container, designed for the harsh environment of takeoff and space. 

This payload is currently poised to make history as the first alternative digital currency to land on the surface of the Moon. The ledger’s position will be sent back to Earth for tracking. SuperBid is Astrobotic’s first international cryptocurrency customer, and will be joining NASA as 1 of 18 current payloads on the Peregrine lunar lander.

SuperBid is a social auction app, powered by blockchain. It is an application being built on Ethereum, and is designed to connect influencers and social media users globally. SuperBid combines proof-of-work technologies with socially engaging features to offer influencers and users the opportunity to participate in auctions for authentic experiences, personal items, and unique NFTs. 

“At SuperBid, we believe social media is the key to bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Integrate cryptocurrency into social media, and cryptocurrency will become widespread in everyday life in no time,” says CEO and co-founder Patrick Gajda.

“In a technology driven world, where over 50% of the world’s population is on social media, the ways in which we connect are changing. We can be a part of that change for the better,” adds CTO and co-founder Wojchiech Sobczuk. 

SuperBid’s high level mission is to take cryptocurrencies into the mainstream and this is the main reason why they are getting involved in the most unconventional, eye-catching marketing campaigns, like putting SuperBid on the iconic One Times Square billboard or sponsoring Logan Paul in his fight with the best boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather. This never before seen activation with Astrobotic adds to SuperBid’s portfolio of globally recognized campaigns.

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About SuperBid
SuperBid is a social auction app, powered by blockchain. SuperBid allows influencers to connect with their fans through auctioning authentic experiences, personal items, and unique NFTs. Fans can bid for content directly from global influencers and make purchases with the $SUPERBID token

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