Guest Post: Reddit & Adam Brodin

The following post was written and provided to Astrobotic by Adam Brodin – participants of the DHL MoonBox program, aboard Astrobotic’s Peregrine Mission One. Adam included submissions from Reddit users to include in his MoonBox.

How did you hear about MoonBox? Have you always been interested in space?

I had read of individuals sending sentimental objects to the Moon, a satellite, or even deep space. I always meant to research this further. Finally, during the summer of ’20, I discovered the MoonBox as an incredibly cost-effective method to go about it.

Yes – Always interested in space. Was raised on Star Trek (original series!). My parents would have us out looking through telescopes, watching meteor showers, or visiting the local astronomy club. Some of my fondest memories growing up.

What was your original intent for your MoonBox?

A very similar project to the one I hosted on Reddit, but with a smaller community and a larger allocation per user (250mb vs 10mb). Ultimately, I was aiming to get people more enthusiastic about Space. My working theory is if you get people personally connected, you’ll strengthen their enthusiasm.

Why did you open up your MoonBox for others to join?

This was always the intent. I’m already interested in space; I’d like to bring others on board.

What are some of your favorite messages that were included?

One submission that stuck with me, which I’ll call my favorite since I’ve thought about it about every day – A Redditor had a significant other who made arrangements to be cryogenically preserved when they passed. However, the Redditor didn’t intend to be cryogenically frozen themselves. So, they wrote a message for their significant other for when they’re revived in the distant future.

Will you tune in to watch the launch and landing?

I hope to be present at the launch! If I’m unable though, yes – Absolutely I’ll be watching both. I hope everyone who took part in the time capsule will too.

If you were to send another MoonBox, what would you send?

I’m mulling over the logistics of sending the “Earth” to the Moon. Essentially that process is dividing the Earth into large quadrants (likely 500^2 miles). If a quadrant includes a body of land, I’d have a very small amount of soil from that area mailed to me and included on the 1″x2″ Moon Box. Effectively, almost everyone on Earth would have part of the planet within the 500 miles of their home on the Moon. This is still a super early stage but that’s the gist so far!