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Base price estimate $999,999,999 ?

1Payload Type?

scientific instruments Scientific Instruments
satellite Satellites & Rovers
research and development Research & Development
brand promotion Brand Promotion
data Data
art, social, and educational Art, Social & Educational


lunar_orbit Lunar Orbit
lunar_surface Land on Lunar Surface
rover Delivery on Rover

3Payload details

Payload Dimensions

Help us get a feel for the size of your payload. At the bare minimum, you'll need an accurate scale and a tape measure. CAD drawings or laser-measured dimensions are a plus. Your payload size and mass will affect the dynamics of the entire spacecraft, so knowing these properties gives us a sense of where we'll attach your payload to our lander.

Especially complex payloads may be subject to an additional integration fee.

Lunar Surface Payload Requirements

Delivery on Rover Payload Requirements

Payload Mounting Options?

Payload Requirements?

Note: Communication, power, and thermal control will not be available following deployment from the lander or rover.
Note: Communication will be relayed through the lander.
Your configuration provides up to kbps
Your configuration provides up to watts
Normal operational temperatures are typically between -30°C and 60°C
Allowable Temperature Range

Lunar Orbit

4Mission Characteristics

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